Given the opportunity to study abroad in college allowed me to travel to countries I had  only dreamed of seeing. I explored the beautifully hand carved statues of Italy, immersed myself in the warm   culture of Ireland, rode bicycles alongside the canals of Amsterdam, and photographed the   breathtaking, gothic architecture in Germany.


I have  taken  tens of  thousands of  pictures in my lifetime; 99% of them on my cell phone. I often find myself traveling back in time as I go through photos I’ve taken in Europe and the many years before,  and  have  always  found  this  to  be  true:  A single photo can instantaneously bring us back to a specific  feeling we’ve had, in a particular place, at a specific point in time and evoke equally, if not more  emotion than spoken words, and to me that is powerful. 

"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world." - Bruno Barbey

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